• Linda Levi

Did You Know?

Forest products are Indiana's fifth largest manufacturing industry: $10 billion annually, according to the Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association. Indiana is the nation's second biggest hardwood producer, behind only Pennsylvania. Of 4.2 million forest acres, 3.9 million are of commercial value, and about 90% are privately owned. Oaks are the single biggest part of the Indiana forest, followed by hickory, maple and tulip poplar. Cherry and walnut make up roughly 2% each. We, of course, love wild black cherry the best!

We wish the old logger's maxim of "Cut the best, leave the rest," was still the rule but that is no longer the case. However, many private timber stand owners today make their woodlands "classified forests" which means no clear cutting, a tax break, and periodic inspections by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Our cherry suppliers make ever effort to cut trees from these classified forests. Today, more lumber is being grown than cut. The total acreage of timberland in Indiana has steadily increased since the 1960's, and forests are growing in volume more than 3.3 times the amount being removed.

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